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Become a professional developer
in a team of like-minded people.
Let’s get started!

No classes. No teachers. No grades.

The educational process is based on students collaboration, solving real problems and team projects implementation.


Personalized education.

You can choose any project to implement in different branches and study at your own pace. We are open 24/7 - it allows you to learn how to manage your time and motivation.

You are responsible for your success.

We did our best to meet all conditions for successful studying: free education and accommodation, community of talented and ambitious students, the best curriculum and much more.

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With us you

Manage your time

Develop critical thinking

Work in a team of like-minded people

Create your successful future

How does it work?

1. Free education

Free education and the absence of any academic requirements allow us to maximize the range of potential students. Moreover, system rigorous selection chooses the best of them.

2. Peer learning

Studying with talented people will help you to become better. This is not just a network - here you will have hundreds of like-minded people!

3. 100% practice

We do not prepare talkers, we prepare doers. During the period of training in alem, you will get sufficient experience to become middle/senior developer.

4. Career

We will help you not only to learn how to program and work in a team, but also to choose the right company to start your career.

How to apply?


Sign up

Register on our website.


Online test

Complete the online game that identifies people with high potential for developing coding skills.



Sign up for an interview with the school administration, tell about yourself and your motivation.



Complete the 4-week intensive program to identify the best candidates among the entire selection. Only “survived” students will be able to master the alem course.

Sign up
Questions / Answers

What are the requirements for selection and admission to alem?

Only the age limit, your age must be between 18 and 35.

What is “pool“ and what is it for?

The pool is a 4-week selection process, during which students learn the Go programming language and the command line (bash) intensively. You will know for sure if you want to program further and how suitable your learning methodology is.

How's the pool going?

Our school is open 24/7 and works without teachers and lectures. Students can come to the school at any convenient time and study. For four weeks, students will be doing mini-projects, protecting them and testing others.

Can I combine study at alem and work/study?

Yes, you can. You need to understand that studying will take about 40 hours a week. Therefore, we recommend that you spend one full month in the pool.

How can I visit the school? Are there excursions?

We will be happy to show you our school after the official opening. Simply write to us at in advance.

How much time do I have to devote to studying at alem?

Every student is unique and has the right to study at his or her own pace. The more time you spend at school, the sooner you graduate. But we recommend a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Can I study remotely?

No, because learning involves collaboration with other students, you need to be at school to successfully complete the program.

Do you provide accommodation for students?

Free accommodation will be provided to students who have successfully completed the 4-week swimming pool and entered the full cycle of study.

Do students receive any graduation documents from alem?

Yes, students receive a non-state certificate of graduation from alem and a European school certificate 01.

Is my diploma enough to register or do I need to be trained?

The pool does not require prior knowledge. You can participate regardless of your school history.

Is it okay to swim in the pool if I don't speak Kazakh or Russian?

Knowing Russian will be an advantage, but it is not a prerequisite for studying at alem. The pool is available in French and English.

Why is this a free project? Who finances the project?

The Umit Fund has been specially created and registered in the Astana International Finance Center for the implementation of the alem school project in the Central Asian region. The mission of this private foundation is to enable young people to be successful. Umit Fund invests in educational projects in order to find and discover talents in the field of programming.

Will alem help with employment?

We encourage interaction between the student and the employer for further cooperation and employment.

What level do you need to get to when you take the test?

The selection of a suitable student is made by an automated system, which aims to assess the potential of each student. Taking into account that everybody has different potential, all students will have different threshold levels.

How long does it take to study in the alem?

The period of study depends only on the individual student. But according to our calculations, it will take an average of two years to complete the full course.

Will foreigners be able to study at school?

Yes, of course. But we do not provide visa support.

Can I study on my own laptop outside of school?

No. But students can meet and discuss peer-to-peer projects outside of school.

Is it possible to go on different branches?

Yes, of course. More information about the branches can be found here

What is Learning System 01?

Platform 01 Edu System is the fourth generation of educational solutions developed by the Nicolas Sadirak team. Its purpose is to fill the gap of creative programmers all over the world. Such technological solutions have already proved their effectiveness in Ecole 42, Epitech and web@cademie.
alem works on platform 01 of the Edu System. We will be the first school in the world in this format.

Will pools and school enrollment be held annually?

Every six months, there will be school enrollment.

What do people say about us?

I am very happy and proud to collaborate at the creation of this first 01 Edu System coding school in Nur-Sultan. We have designed our platform to empower the new generation of talent that will reshape our societies to meet, through collective intelligence, the world's next challenges. alem school is the perfect partner to succeed this ambitious but essential task.

Nicolas Sadirac
Co-Founder Ecole 42, Epitech, Web-Academy
Co-Founder, CEO 01 Edu System

Nicolas Sadirac

Я счастлив, что образовательная платформа 01 открывается в нашей стране! Это возможность быть на передовой технических знаний, вовлечься в топовое ИТ-комьюнити и важный шаг в реализации стратегии Цифрового Казахстана.

Ramil Mukhoryapov
Co-founder, CEO Chocofamily holding

Ramil Mukhoryapov

Бүгінгі қоғамда білім, дағдылар соңшалықты тез ескіреді, жаңа тұрпатты мектептерге, білім алаңдарына мұқтажбыз. Alem мектебі адамдарды IT саласына тарту арқылы әлеуметтік тұрғыда қолдауға арналған. Заманауи оқыту технологиялар, инклюзивті тәжірибелер мен әдістер, менторлық бағдарламалар арқылы әр адамды ең сұранысқа иә IT– мамандықтар мен жаңа біліммен қамтамасыз етеді. Өміріңіздегі екінші мүмкіндікті жіберіп алмаңыз!

Sayasat Nurbek
Umit Foundation Chairman
Head of Digital BTS Training Center

Sayasat Nurbek

С учетом катастрофической нехватки IT кадров в Казахстане и слабым образованием в технических вузах, школа Alem имеет хорошие шансы стать одной из ведущих кузницей программистов. На самом деле, мы, представители IT компании, давно уже ждём такого игрока на рынке.

Olzhas Satiyev
TSARKA President
Founder of WebTotem

Olzhas Satiyev

Я думаю, что это одна из возможностей, которую было бы обидно упустить. Научиться кодить быстро, в классной команде и с хорошими возможностями нетворка - это круто!

Alyona Tkachenko
Co-Founder, CEO Nommi

Alyona Tkachenko

Школа alem станет колыбелью инноваций для Казахстана!

Magzhan Madiyev
Co-Founder Astana Hub

Magzhan Madiyev


astana hub

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, EXPO, C4.5